A Call For Nominations

The public and different stakeholders in the medical field are encouraged to take some time to give recognition and nominate worthy recipients to be considered as participants for these awards.

The nomination process requires a submission of a 200 word abstract, about the nominee. A CV will thereafter be requested from all individuals who are shortlisted.


Scientific Excellence Award

This award is for an individual who has led ground-breaking research, which has contributed to the advancement of medicine. The individual should have published extensively, taught, mentored and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students in a manner that has inspired them to become researchers.

Global Excellence Award

This award is for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to medicine at international level, through research, training or innovation. There must be evidence of international recognition e.g. awards and international awards. There must be evidence that their contribution has influenced scientific thinking or changed practice.

Clinical Excellence Award

This award is for an individual who has excelled in their field as a clinician, through great clinical expertise, teaching and role-modelling. This awards is aimed for clinicians who have gone beyond the call of duty, and are highly regarded either by their colleagues or their community for excellence in clinical care.

Leadership Excellence Award

This award is for an individual who has demonstrated great leadership in any area of medicine, within the university, public sector, private sector or non-governmental sector, or in health care management, with a proven track record and an undisputed contribution to strengthening the South African healthcare system.

Emerging Leader Award

This award is for an academic under the age of 40 who has demonstrated leadership capacity by holding leadership positions in an academic institution, and by serving on national and international committees and organisations.

Rising Star

This award is for a medical student who has distinguished him or herself academically, through research, or an important contribution to society. This individual must be exemplary, a role model to their peers, with evident talent and potential. This could be academic, through research, service or leadership e.g. a research project or publication, or has demonstrated service or leadership in medical training.

Emerging Clinician Scientist

This award is for junior clinicians and doctors, and registrars who have made a notable contribution to medicine. This could be academic, through research, service or leadership. Evidence of an intervention, project or service is required.