About Clinix Health Group

Clinix Health Group is the largest private hospital operator in the black townships and is built on an ethos of providing quality private healthcare, to the vast majority of people who are excluded from accessing such services due to their socio-economic conditions and geographical locations.
Based on this ethos Clinix continues to build private hospitals from which it provides services in peri-urban (or rural) areas.
The national context in South Africa of the introduction of the national health insurance and perceptions of a health care system which cannot meet the needs of the country’s growing population provides an excellent opportunity for Clinix to contextualize its existence, promote it’s inclusive services and implement its intent.

It is because of the above reality that our founding fathers developed the hunger and conviction to impact the South African healthcare system, for the benefit of communities in need.

Dr Khamane “KOP” Matseke

Dr Khamane “KOP” Matseke

Dr Matseke, affectionately as “KOP”, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clinix Health Group (Pty) Ltd, a fully empowered healthcare group which has been in operation for more than 20 years. He is a medical doctor by profession, an astute and versatile professional offering a rich mixture of experience and success in the South African business sphere. He has extensive hands-on experience with hospital development from project management, commissioning, general management, staff training and development. 

About The South African Clinician Scientists Society

The South African Clinician Scientists Society (SACSS), is a scientific society, for clinician scientists, a new cadre of doctors and healthcare professionals, with additional training in research and basic sciences. This was part of a vision that was inspired by the late Professor Bongani Mayosi, and recommended by ASSAF, to develop 1000 doctors with PhDs in South Africa.

We have observed that South Africa’s healthcare and medical knowledge base has considerably lower research outputs within our Pan-African context in comparison to first world counterparts. As part of the solution to these low research activities, we have developed an organisational programme that engages with clinicians to improve research competencies, strengthen the production of evidence-based knowledge, and the development of research-driven health solutions. The launch of the society was led by Prof Salome Maswime in 2018, and the society now has members in 8 South African universities.

Prof Salome Maswime

Prof Salome Maswime

Salome Maswime is a Professor and the Head of the Global Surgery Division at the University of Cape Town; an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She is a member of the Academy of Science South Africa, and chairperson of the Health Systems Trust Board.

Salome Maswime is a clinician scientist and her research is about access to safe and timely surgery. She has received numerous awards for her research contribution to maternal and women’s health, including the trailblazer and young achiever award by the President of South Africa in 2017, she was listed in Mail and Guardians 50 most powerful women in South Africa in 2020, the NSTF SA MRC Clinician Scientist award and the Excellence in Health award from the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute in 2023.